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To boldly go and help...

When developing the framework for The Federation, Gene Roddenberry laid out our prime directive:

Do what the crew of the Enterprise does in every episode.  Go places and help people.


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The basis of The Federation
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A week later, Haslage received a return call from Gene Roddenberry. After a few moments of shock and babbling excitement, Haslage went on to ask the question that led to the beginning of The Federation…

Federation chapters around the world enjoy Trek excitement and Federation adventure! Join now! No chapter near you? We’ll work with you to start building one.


Federation chapters around the world enjoy Trek excitement and Federation adventure! Join now! No chapter near you? We’ll work with you to start building one.



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What our friends have to say about The Federation
  • “Back in the early sixties, Gene Roddenberry produced a piece of television entertainment that was more than just another show.  It was a blueprint for an optimistic future that we can all have,

    IFT is working to foster those ideals toward the positive lifestyle that Gene envisioned and I salute them for their efforts and dedication.”

    Andrew Probert
    'Star Trek' Graphic Designer
  • “This group’s intense but friendly dedication to Gene Roddenberry’s  Star Trek ideals is awesome; they are a bright facet in the meaning of IDIC!

    Bjo Trimble
    'Star Trek' Super Fan
  • “Creation Entertainment extends a sincere and hearty congratulations on your 25 years as a proud Star Trek fan organization. Over the years we’ve worked with and gotten to know many of you, and it has been both an honor and great fun sharing our love of Star Trek. Now with the new film and a whole new generation of fans discovering how great Trek is, we can look back in pride and say, it’s been a great ride. Our congratulations, once again, on your wonderful achievement.”

    Creation Entertainment
    Gary Berman & Adam Malin
  • “Roddenberry Productions and the Roddenberry Family are strong supporters of the “International Federation of Trekkers”. My father before me was a friend to Russ Haslage and IFT’s membership.

    I personally feel that “International Federation of Trekkers” represents and upholds the philosophies that are found in the core of Star Trek’s stories. As a result, I consider them to be ambassadors to the Roddenberry name and my father’s vision of a greater future for all life on earth.”

    Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry
  • “The core values of Star Trek and the driving vision of Gene Roddenberry are to build a healthy, creative and tolerant society with each individual taking active responsibility. This I have seen vibrantly alive in the work of IFT. Their many activities in support of charities, community and social services are exemplars of this ideals. Their vast global network of ships and alliances are living demonstrations of the ideal of ‘infinite diversity in infinite combinations.’ Their spirit of adventure combined with camaraderie reflects the same qualities Gene infused into Starfleet. The Roddenberry ideals continue to trek on with the IFT.”

    George Takei

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