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A Brighter Future

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Federation chapters around the world enjoy Trek excitement and Federation adventure! Join now! No chapter near you? We’ll work with you to start building one.


Having chapters around the world is part of the Roddenberry design for The Federation. He envisioned our organization to eventually grow to the stature of (his example in 1983) The Salvation Army and The Peace Corps. He explained that in order to go places and help people, we need people and chapters in all part of the world.
The design of The Federation is one of network and support. Local chapters around the world focus on the needs of those in their area, while at times of disaster in any part of the world, the chapters coordinate their efforts via Federation HQ to send personnel and materials to those in need. The Federation has been a major part of public service and disaster relief since officially opening on June 1, 1984. Today our efforts grow as does The Federation.
Local chapters around the world gather for friendship and fun as well as the serious work of our prime directive to go places and help people.
The Federation is designed to be today’s real world version of the 23rd century UFP. The chapters around the world (‘ships’) are active in their local areas. The HQ offices support those chapters with promotion, advertising, public relations, graphics and more. HQ also coordinates the efforts of the chapters as we work together to help others around the world. In today’s real world version of The Federation, HQ works for the members and chapters. We are a service organization. HQ supports and the chapters, allowing the chapters to perform their mission to go places and help people.
All work and no play makes Kirk a dull boy, so chapters have fun at meetings, parties, movie premiers, conventions and more. HQ also support those events with recruitment, advertising and much more. Growing chapters and commissioning new ones allows our organization to help more of those in need.
Federation chapters are all a part of one united organization. They work together to help each other grow, for we are all one team. A team steeped in the ideals and the dream of our founder, Gene Roddenberry.
The Federation is always looking to grow and establish chapters all over this planet. If there is a chapter in your area, join in. If one does not exist in your area, we will work with you to build and commission a proud, new Federation SuperStarship there.




All parts of The Federation Fleet.

Federation Website Refit

An exciting, visually stimulating and easier-to-navigate website is on its way.  Although the new user interface may look like a flash mob on Ten Forward, all site functions are fully operational. Please watch with us as we build the new look.


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