It begins as to how one can help in their community. Believe or not it starts with the little things.

Over the last couple of years, we through the benefit if social media and technological advances in communication we now have new 24/7 and we have become witness to some of the worse events and many times we are left with the lingering thoughts if we could do more.

Becoming we weather spotter is perhaps one of the easiest form of volunteerism. And it has a real world affect during an event. It take just one person to learn how to be a SKYWARN Spotter. And small group can form the nucleus of Spotters helping to give out real time data to the National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service and NOAA working together with volunteers help put real world “boots on the ground” data into the hands of meteorologists. This information is used to help update forecasts, help warn the public and local authorities. This the SKYWARN Program.

Federation Members and Chapters can access the links for the MetEd Courses through the Federation Academy.