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Donating to The Federation

Since 1984, The Federation has helped people around the world.  Our chapters around the world focus on the needs of those in their local areas while at times of major disaster anywhere in the world, those efforts are coordinated to send aid, supplies, personnel and funds to the affected area.

That aid is available only with your help.  The headquarters offices of The Federation supply what the chapters need to provide the aid.  We need help from donors like you to help us purchase the aid that is used to help others.  Your generous, tax-deductible donation goes right to the people in need.  No administrative or operating costs are deducted as they are in many other charities.  When you give to our humanitarian fund, 100% of your donation goes to help people in need.

How can we not take a percentage for operating and administrative costs?  Our administrative and operational costs are met via the proceeds of sales of merchandise in our online store, The Federation Promenade and in the gift shop in our HQ facility.

Other ways to donate

Want to support our mission free?  When you shop at Amazon Smile, you can set a portion of your purchase to be donated to The Federation.  No extra cost to you.  A bit differece to us.

  • When heading to Amazon to shop, please follow this link:
  • Text-to-Donate:  Text FEDERATION to 53-555.
  • Round up your credit card purchases by enrolling HERE.

Support Our Missions

The mission of The Federation, as set by ‘Star Trek’ creator Gene Roddenberry, is to “…do what the crew of the Enterprise does in every episode.  Go places and help people.”

During normal operations, our chapters around the world focus on helping those in need in their part of the globe.  Those chapters are supported and powered by our headquarters facility.  Following a disaster, our staff at Federation Headquarteers coordinates our assets and dispatch volunteers, aid and financial help to the area of need.

There is need around the world.  Hunger, homelessness, disaster, war.  All create a need and it is our duty to help the victims of those disasters.  We need your help to help them.  Please give a tax-deductible gift if you are able.

If you have a need, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do everything possible to help.


To view the entire campaign and who donated, click HERE.

Give by text message.  Text FEDERATION to 53-555.

Humanitarian Mission to Fleming-Neon, KY

The Federation is readying for a humanitarian mission to Fleming-Neon, Kentucky. Volunteers will load the new “Galileo” van with supplies and deliver them to the devastated area. It is anticipated that we will take a couple of trips.

The best donations are financial ones, as that enables us to purchase supplies closer to the disaster. Still, we will also be transporting water, diapers, formula, toiletries and hygiene products to those in need.

You can make a difference by donating today to The Federation. The Federation has been working to help people in need around the world for over 38 years. The Better Business Bureau and Guidestar highly rate us.

The Federation is dedicated to making the future a better place by helping others today.

To view the entire campaign and who donated, click HERE.

Help Ukrainian Refugees

The Federation has officially condemned the actions against the people of the Ukraine, but we won’t stop there.

We are currently seeking monetary donations to help the Ukrainian refugees and victims of the vicious attacks.  One hundred percent of your donations will be going to aid the victims in Ukraine as well as the refugees that have escaped to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.  We use none of the money donated to our Humanitarian Fund for our expenses or those of our volunteers in the area (those are funded through our general fund).

Over a million refugees have left the Ukraine while many more remain in the country huddled in subways and basements, some without heat, food or clothing.  They need our help.  Won’t you help us help them?

To donate to this cause, click HERE.

To view the entire campaign and who donated, click HERE.

Give by text message.  Text FEDCARES to 53-555.

Help Ben Get a Hand Bike

The Federation is seeking help to provide Bentley, a Huron, Ohio, resident with a neurological condition, an “arm bike”. Officially called an Upright Handcycle, it is a bike/trike that allows him to peddle with his arms, since he can’t do so with his legs. The bike Ben needs also has the harness he needs to hold him on the bike. The arm bike will allow Bentley to get around and not be at the mercy of others. It will help him be a bit more independent. We need your help to get this bike for Ben.

Let’s make this spring a great one for Ben. Thank you!

To view the entire campaign and who donated, click HERE.

Thanks to some wonderful donors, we have raised enough to get that hand bike for Bentley.  Stay tuned for photos and video of Bentley on his bike…coming soon!

Thank you all so very much!

 The Federation is rated PLATINUM by GuideStar and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.