Donate to The Federation’s Missions

For almost 40 years, members of The Federation have enjoyed the fun of fandom and the rewards of taking part in real duty-driven missions.  Those dedicated people are the heart of our organization.  Follwing the directive of Gene Roddenberry, our members fulfill our primary cause…our prime directive if you will…to go places and help people.

Donating to The Federation is safe and easy.  Give with confidence.  The Federation is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and Guidestar, the world’s leading non-profit tracker.


Help us make a difference

Federation members around the world work hard to help those in need today in the hopes of a better tomorrow.  You can help us in our mission.  Your generous gifts allow us to do so very much.  One hundred percent of your donations go to the mission.  We take no percentage out of donations for administrative or operating expenses.

Givebutter Interface

The Federation has partnered with Givebutter to be our donation platform.  Givebutter allows donors to choose the funds they would like to donate to and gives them multiple ways to give.  Even by text message.  Givebutter also makes sure you get the receipt for your tax-deductible gifts.   Click the logo to the right to go to our main donation page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers.

The Federation enjoys answering questions, because it is through those questions and answers that our organization and mission can be fully understood.  We are a transparent organization.

Do you take a percentage of donations for administrative or operating costs?

No we don’t.  The Federation has no administrative costs because we are all volunteers.  None of us is paid for our work.  Our operating costs are covered by the selling of collectibles in our Promenade gift shop at our HQ facility and in our online shop.  We believe that every penny you donate to a cause should be devoted to the cause to which you gave.

Where does my money go?

One hundred percent of the money you donate goes directly to help those in need in the areas you chose when donating.  We do at time forward funds to sister organizations that are on the scene, but we only do that with organization who also don’t take a cut of the donations for administrative or operating fees.  That insures that 100% of your donated money goes to help those you intended to help.

How does The Federation pay its bills?

The Federation has been in operation for almost 40 years.  In that time, we have established a nice core of donors and customers.

We pay our operating costs with funds raised through sales of merchandise in our Promenade gift shop at Federation Headquarters and our online shop.  In addition, some wonderful donors make monthly or yearly tax-deductible donations to our Operating Fund.