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Donating to The Federation

When ‘Star Trek’ creator Gene Roddenberry helped to design and build our organization, he assigned our own prime directive.  During the first conversation between Federation co-founders Russ Haslage and Roddenberry, Russ asked Roddenberry what he thought “the ultimate ‘Star Trek’ fan club” should do.

In response to Haslage’s first question of many over eight years, Roddenberry responded with his own question.  “What does the crew of the Enterprise do in every episode?” asked The Great Bird of the Galaxy.   After Haslage had exhausted all of the answers he could muster, Roddenberry led Haslage to find the answer.  “They go places and they help people,” Roddenberry responded.

Since 1984, The Federation has helped people around the world.  Our chapters around the world focus on the needs of those in their local areas while at times of major disaster anywhere in the world, those efforts are coordinated to send aid, supplies, personnel and funds to the affected area.

That aid is available only with your help.  The headquarters offices of The Federation supply what the chapters need to provide the aid.  We need help from donors like you to help us purchase the aid that is used to help others.  Your generous, tax deductible  donation goes right to the people in need.  No administrative or operating costs are deducted as they are in many other charities.  When you give to our humanitarian fund, 100% of your donation goes to help people in need.

How can we not take a percentage for operating and administrative costs?  Our administrative and operational costs are met via the proceeds of sales of merchandise in our online store, Starbase One.

We hope you might give when you can.  Whether you need a tax deduction or just believe in our mission…or both…we appreciate your generous support of The Federation, its history, its legacy and its service to those in need.  Only through helping those in need will we see the bright future that Gene projected in ‘Star Trek.’Give with confidence!

Other ways to donate

Want to support our mission free?  When you shop at Amazon Smile, you can set a portion of your purchase to be donated to The Federation.  No extra cost to you.  A bit differece to us.

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