Official Federation Stardate:

Federation Day at Star Trek Sets Tour!

Apr 8, 2022

September 24, 2022 all-day
Star Trek Original Series Set Tour
112 Montcalm St
Ticonderoga, NY 12883
Russ Haslage
Federation Day at Star Trek Sets Tour! @ Star Trek Original Series Set Tour | Ticonderoga | New York | United States

Join fellow Federation officers as we enjoy life aboard the USS ENTERPRISE at the The Official Sets Tour.  Fun, a luncheon meeting and more are on tap.  Make sure to beam in!

Nichelle Nichols: Her Spirit Will Always Be With Us

The world learned of the devastating loss of Nichelle Nichols on July 31, 2022.  Her legacy as a groundbreaking performer is well-known.  Nichelle helped bring about a change in Hollywood in regard to female and especially African American actors.  A fan favorite, she...

Introducing 2022’s Galileo

The new 21st century Galileo has been delivered to Federation Headquarters.  She stands by for her final prep with official markings.  Those markings don't come free, so we are asking for your help to get those markings financed. In exchange for your help, you can...

Buy now. Pay later with Afterpay

Cyrano Jones, Proprietor of The Federation Promenade, is proud to announce that you can now buy even more in our shops thanks to person or online! What do you need to to do avail yourself of this great feature?  Well, it's easy!  Just download the...

Get Ben An Upright Handcycle

The Federation is seeking help to provide Bentley, a Huron, Ohio, resident with a neurological condition, an "arm bike". Officially called an Upright Handcycle, it is a bike/trike that allows him to peddle with his arms, since he can't do so with his legs. The bike...

Tornado Relief

At least six people were killed by a tornado that swept through Iowa last Saturday.  Four of the victims were adults and two were children under the age of 5, officials said at an evening press conference.  Four other adults were injured, three seriously, when the...

Ukrainian Aid

The Federation has officially condemned the actions against the people of the Ukraine, but we won't stop there. We are currently seeking monetary donations to help the Ukrainian refugees and victims of the vicious attacks.  One hundred percent of your donations will...

Viva Trek Vegas!

Stop by the official Federation booth, talk with our officers and join the team at Creation Entertainment's 56 Year Mission Convention in Las Vegas! Celebrate the enduring legacy of Gene Roddenberry at THE 56-YEAR MISSION LAS VEGAS, on August 25-28, 2022, at Bally’s...

All Federation Forms to be HIPAA Compliant

Federation HQ has made moves to replace all current online forms with new HIPAA Compliant forms. "In an electronic age, we need to protect everyone's information.  Just having a secure server isn't enough," states Federation President Russ Haslage.  "We are taking the...

The Federation Announces New Communication Channels

In an effort to make it easy for members and fans to reach their headquarters facility, The Federation has added a number of contact options. The main telephone number to reach Federation HQ remains 877-365-TREK (877-365-8735) Now you can reach Federation HQ via SMS...

Federation Starts 2021 Year-End Fundraiser

In the efforts to broaden its impact and mission, The Federation has started a year-end fundraiser campaign. Seeking a goal of $5,000, the organization wants to make the holiday season better for many more people in need, from those needing food to gifts for children....