Federation Headquarters Facility

The Federation Headquarters facility is the culmination of years of work by the dedicated volunteers in the organization.

The first of its kind anywhere, the facility powers all Federation chapters and departments around the world.  While housing our corporate offices, shipping roomand more, the complex is also open to visitors.  Fans are welcome to drop in and enjoy our Visitor’s Center, Promenade Gift Shop, Hangar Bay and more.

The Visitor’s Center boasts an exact working replica of the captain’s chair from ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’ season 2, a three-foot long lighted USS Enterprise a working TOS computer console.

The Federation Promenade is filled to the brim with treasures from around the galaxy.  Sought out by Promenade Proprietor Cyrano Jones, you can find new and gently used Star Trek collectibles from today and from your youth.  (We also have some merchandise from ‘Star Wars’ and other fan media as well.)

The Hangar Bay (set to open June, 2023) features a 13.5-foot-long USS Enterprise and lighted wallboards with all kinds of information from the ‘Star Trek’ mythos.  We have purchased the Enterprise from ‘Star Trek: The Exhibition’ and will give her a forever home in our facility.  Once undergoing a refit, she will be open for all to come and see.

Our Services

Besides powering our chapters to help those in need around the globe, we offer the following services to local citizens and companies….

  • Packing and shipping service
  • Airport shuttle service
  • Courier service
  • Drone video/photo service
  • Document shredding service
  • Theme weddings
  • Airport shuttle
  • …and more


We’re a non-profit.  We don’t have set rates.  We can discuss the requested donation when you schedule.

We guarantee we will take less than anyone else.

Interested in our services?

Fill out and complete the form and we’ll get with you at warp speed!

Federation HQ Hours

Federation HQ is manned solely by volunteers.  Our facility is currently open to visitors:

Federation Headquarters is temporarily closed while we move to our bigger, brighter facility inside Sandusky Mall.