Relief-Missions-Task-ForceThe Federation Relief Mission Task Force is the heart of our local and international disaster relief teams.  Fulfilling our primary mission to “…do what the crew of the Enterprise does in every episode…go places and help people” (Gene Roddenberry, 1983), local Federation chapters work to help the needs of those in their patrol areas.  In times of major disaster, Federation members and chapters coordinate to send personnel, materials and funds to the areas of need.

Donations to The Federation’s Humanitarian and Relief fund go to help those in need.  No administrative or operational costs come off the top.  One hundred percent of all funds donated to our Humanitarian and Relief fund to directly to help those in need.  Won’t you consider helping us help others?  Your donations are tax deductible.


Galileo is charting a course to Texas to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  Your help will help us help them.  Please donate.  No administrative costs are deducted from your donation.  One hundred percent of your donation goes to help the people of Texas during this difficult time.  All donations to The Federation’s Humanitarian Fund through September 30 will go to the victims in Texas.

Please give.



After taking a giant leap forward in our humanitarian and disaster relief missions in 2016, The Federation is looking to take a warp jump to the next level.

This pilot program will begin to assemble a fleet of Federation Disaster Relief Vans ready to transport relief supplies, personnel and other materials within minutes to areas in need after disaster strikes.  The first of the vans will patrol the Midwest US.  Other vans will be secured and outfitted in other sections of the US and the world as sponsors are secured.

The Federation is looking for a sponsor to make the first van a reality.  The 2015 Ford Transit, once secured, will be outfitted with a field office, mobile HAM station and plenty of cargo bays for relief supplies.

Being the first in the fleet, the shuttle patrolling the Midwest will be named Galileo.  The iconic Galileo name logo will be seen on the hood and front fenders of the van, just as seen in ‘Star Trek.’

It is hoped that the first shuttle can be purchased and outfitted before tornado season hits the Midwest this spring and summer.  Won’t you help make it happen?




The Federation is proud to announce that it has been awarded GOLD status by GuideStar, the charity information and rating site.  Donate with confidence!



The Federation Relief Missions Task Force is mobilizing to help the victims of the devastating flooding in Louisiana.  Over 15% of the families in the effected area of the state have lost their homes.  The area has been proclaimed a national disaster area.  The Federation Relief Missions Task Force is now coordinating materials, funds and personnel to help those in need.  Won’t you help?



Please help the victims of the disastrous flooding in Louisiana by sending packages of personal and hygiene products (toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, toilet tissue, etc.) to:

Federation Relief Mission Task Force
c/o Evan Cutler
124 Meadowlark Loop
Lafayette, LA 70508-6220

If you wish to donate funds to the relief effort, please follow this link donate HERE.  Every penny of your donation goes to help those in need.  No administrative or operating costs are deducted from your donations.  Every cent goes to those in need.  Your donations are tax deductible under the law.

Donations of toiletries and personal care products (toothpaste, toilet tissue, shampoo, etc.) can be dropped off at:

Starbase Columbus
5541 Westerville Road
Westerville, OH 43081