Key Contacts

IMG_7532[1]Commanding Officer
Commodore Robin Wilson
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Executive Officer
Captain Brian Cook

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NFC-3355-27 USS Firelace

Lancaster, CA
Commissioned – 12/21/2015 Stardate: 69436.8
CO: Robin Wilson
XO: Matthew Strange

NFC-9109 USS Gene Roddenberry

Northridge, CA
Commissioned – 9/1/91 Stardate: 45132.7
CO: Crystal House

NFC-9900 USS Nathan Hale

San Bernardino, CA
Commissioned – 4/25/99 Stardate: 52779.6
CO: Allen Hohensee
XO: Joseph Greene

NFC-1781 USS Rochambeau

Buena Park, CA
Commissioned – 9/1/2016 Stardate: 70134.8
CO: Brian Cook
XO: Jennifer Irwin

NFC-5280 USS Silverthorne

Denver, CO
Commissioned – 10/2/01 Stardate: 55219
CO: Todd Ponton
XO: Jeremy Barber

NFC-8400 USS Tranquility

Longview, TX
Commissioned – 5/12/15 Stardate: 68826.1
CO: Drae Benfield

NFC-2006 USS Ulysses

Beaumont, CA
Commissioned – 6/11/00 Stardate: 53910.3
CO: Juanita Gamble
XO: Julia Ree

NFC-9701 USS Zia

Albuquerque, NM
Commissioned – 11/9/2015 Stardate: 69321.8
CO: Kristopher Morgan