Hello and welcome to IFT’s Information Center! Here you will find information regarding our philosophy, history, and the roles of IFT in today’s real world, including those of us on IFT’s Council. Our philosophy is to “live the dream” now, and to participate in the world of today to make it a better tomorrow. Read up on it on our Philosophy page!
The History of IFT is an interesting one, organized and founded by Russ Haslage, our IFT President. We are the only Star Trek fan club founded with the direct input of Gene Roddenberry. With his input, Russ went on to create one of the most widely respected Star Trek fan organizations in our nation.
The Role of IFT is to make Gene’s dream of a better future come alive. Our Star Trek fan organization is dedicated to this ideal, which involves working with our local communities, providing relief efforts, fundraising for charities, and other worthy causes. Included among our members are George Takei and Gene Roddenberry Jr. Why? Because they believe in our message and the integrity of our mission.
Finally, the Federation Council are the members of IFT that make the ultimate decisions. The Council includes the IFT President to the Director of Communications. Visit that page to read up on each council member and what their duties entail. Thanks again for visiting!