Bay DoorsWhat is the International Federation of Trekkers?
We are an international Star Trek Fan Club which began over twenty years ago in Lorain, Ohio. With the help of Gene Roddenberry, we have become one of the most well respected and largest Star Trek fan organizations in the United States. Internationally, we have 100s of members and would welcome new chapters abroad.
What does NFC stand for?
NFC is an anacronym for Naval Federation Contract.
Why do you use NFC instead of NCC?
We always urge the chapters to go with an NFC number because that was a Roddenberry idea to set our chapters apart from all the rest. Additionally, NFC numbers do not step toward the line of infringing on copyrights and they also fit into the fictional story about IFT in that we are a fleet separate from Starfleet in the Star Trek mythos. The Federation fleet is a fleet of ships like the USS HOPE that would go to continents and dock for months and years and help people in the 60’s and 70’s. Yes, real world stuff.
We strongly urge the use of NFC and explain why, then let the clubs decide. So if a group comes in from somewhere else and that group has been established with an NCC number, we won’t make them change it. Think of it as another facet of the Federation Fleet.