Federation Vice President: Admiral Allen Hohensee

Duties: Article 6, Section 6.8:  The Admiral of Operations will be a vice-president of the Corporation and will serve as a voting member of the Federation Council. It will be the duty of the Admiral of Operations to serve as an adviser to the Federation Council.

The Admiral of Operations will represent the Council Prime (GEO Commanders) and its GEO’s to the Federation Council and vise versa.
He or she will be responsible for keeping the corporate meeting minutes. He or she will give or cause to be given all notices of meetings of the Federation Council and all other notices required by law, by these By-Laws or at the discretion of Federation Council.
The Federation Council may also elect an assistant secretary, who will perform the duties and assume the responsibilities of the Admiral of Operations as above set forth under the general direction of the Admiral of Operations.
The Admiral of Operations will hold a minimum rank of Vice Admiral.