RussWhat is IFT Ops?
IFT Ops is the Operations Department of the International Federation of Trekkers. Housed at IFT’s world headquarters in Lorain, Ohio, the Ops Department is assigned the duty of upholding the philosophy of the Federation. A real world organization, IFT was founded on the belief that our duty as fans of STAR TREK is to enact its ideals in today’s world, and the Ops Department keeps that belief paramount in our operations.
The crew of Ops is also responsible for overseeing the support departments of the Federation: Academy, Quartermaster, Public Relations,and other such areas. In short, the job of Ops is to make sure that your career as a Federation Officer is the very best it can be. To get more information on IFT, request an IFT InfoPak from our Visitor’s Center.
Gene Roddenberry

Mr. Gene Roddenberry Creator of STAR TREK

“We must remember that the promise of tomorrow will not be fulfilled easily. The collective

commitment of our nations, as well as the vision, wisdom, and hard work of many, many individuals will be required to bring our dreams to fruition. In a way, the Enterprise and the optimistic future in which it exists might be thought of as a reminder of what we can achieve if we try.”