Federation President: Fleet Admiral Russ Haslage

Duties: Article 6, Section 6.6:
The Chief of Operations will be the president of the Corporation and the Chairperson of the Federation Council.
It will be the duty of the Chief of Operations to have general supervision of the affairs of the Corporation. He or she will execute on behalf of the Corporation all contracts, deeds, conveyance, and other instruments in writing that may be required or authorized by the Federation Council for the proper and necessary transaction of the business of the Corporation.
The Chief of Operations will hold the rank of Fleet Admiral.

 The ultimate authority on all things IFT, Russ is the founder and owner of the International Federation of Trekkers. He is responsible for most of the real world running of IFT, which includes the IFT Ship Stores, Memberships, the Voyages newsletter, the website, etc. The buck stops with him.