IFT is dedicated to enjoying the Star Trek mythos in all its different forms. IFT encourages fans to pursue all or any part of Star Trek that they take pleasure from, as long as this does not harm others. We encourage our members to add exciting new stories, concepts, and ideas to the ever-expanding Star Trek universe. The point is to have FUN with one another by participating in meetings, attending conventions, and sharing our views and experiences from around the world.

Star Trek may be the theme, but it’s the people that make the difference! Our members enjoy a wide range of roles, ranging from “real world” duties as fundraisers, volunteers, recruiters, writers, webmasters, and more in their dedication to IFT as a Star Trek fan organization to Federation officers, Klingon warriors, Romulan spies, Ferengi swindlers, and a sundry of other incarnations of the Star Trek world as they enjoy themselves as Star Trek fans in costume or on away missions!

Each Star Trek fan has his or her own way of enjoying Star Trek, from dressing in costume and quoting from episodes (you know who you are!) to simply enjoying the show and believing in its dream of the future. Each one of us fulfills a role as important as any other and each method of enjoying Star Trek is merely a facet of the same jewel. Here, in IFT, ALL Star Trek fans are welcome!