Council Prime – GEO Command Advisory Board – NON VOTING MEMBER

Duties: Article 6, Section 6.11: The GEO (Geographical Extension of Operations) Commanders will be consultant directors [non-executive officers] of the Corporation having an advisory non voting role, except at certain times, as expressed in these bylaws.

It will be the duty of a GEO Commander to act as a regional representative of the Corporation, the parameters of said region to be determined by the Federation Council.
He or she, under the supervision of the Chief of Staff and Admiral of Operations, will be responsible:
  • to provide administrative support and guidance to the individual Chapters of the Corporation whose principal offices are within his or her designated region,
  • to coordinate and oversee the expansion and the furtherance of the Corporation and its stated purposes within his or her designated region,
  • to act as an intermediary between the individual Chapters within his or her region and the Corporation,
  • to ensure that the Chapters within his or her designated region abide by the provisions of these By-Laws and any other subsequent policy or procedural literature published by the Corporation,
  • to perform such other duties as may be assigned to him or her by the President of the Federation, Chief of Staff, the Admiral of Operations, and/or the Federation Council.

 Tony Meyer
GEO 1 Commander
 Dennis Rayburn
GEO 2 Commander
Timothy Frogue
GEO 3 Commander
 Debbie Appleby
GEO 4 Commander
Dwanah Tajalle
GEO 5 Commander
Ryan Pelkey
GEO 6 Commander
 Ilona Solinska
GEO 51 Commander