Executive Ambassador Ilona Solinska
[email protected]
Deputy Executive Ambassador Stuart Blair

The Diplomatic Corps is responsible for initiating and maintaining communications between IFT, its members, and other fan organizations.
The Executive Ambassador will command this office and coordinate the Ambassadorial Liaison Officers who are each assigned to one of the various fan organizations with which we maintain diplomatic relations.
Duties of this office include initiating pacts and treaties, organizing various inter-fandom activities, and newsletter exchanges between organizations.
In order to become an Ambassadorial Liaison, an IFT officer must pass a Diplomatic course and demonstrate some skills for this work.
Monthly reports from the Executive Ambassador will be presented at each Council meeting.
If interested in either joining the Diplomatic Corps, or in forming an alliance simply e-mail the Executive Ambassador at [email protected]
United Federation of Planets – UFP https://www.ufpfleet.org
United Federation of Planets International – UFPI  https://www.ufpi.org/
Romulan Star Empire – RSE https://www.rsempire.org/
Klingon Armada International – KAI https://www.klingonarmadainternational.org/
International Fandom Council – IFC 
Maquis Force International – MFI https://www.maquis.com/
Starfleet Command – SFC https://www.starfleet-command.com/