Holding true to the Roddenberry ideals that set us apart, we believe that the young people of our world are the key to a magnificent future. Federation Cadets gives our young members, age 15 and younger, special membership benefits geared more to their interests and their special place in the Federation.

Hello, I am Admiral Allen Hohensee, current director of ‘The Federation’ Cadet Corps. As time passes and our kids become more aware of what Eugene W. Roddenberry wanted to help develop the understanding that not only do us adults in the fandom world know and understand the philosophy he held dearly to his heart. We need to teach our children today the necessity of why the morals of Star Trek Exists.

Over time I will post up information regarding items anCyranoSuggestd treasures our kids should learn about. Please keep an eye on the following Facebook pages for source information.

Federation Cadet Corps.