Vicki Shipley
[email protected]

This office will serve as the official Graphic Arts Production Unit of IFT. It will be the responsibility of this office to assist the chapters and membership by supplying graphic designs for newsletters, chapter logos, chapter fliers, web sites, etc.

The Graphic Arts team, which is made up from a group chosen by the director of the department, may also be called upon to assist IFT Council and the Headquarters Staff offices with designs for banners, plaques, certificates, the Voyages newsletter, etc.

The Commanding Officer of this department must file a monthly report to the IFT Council by the 20th of each month. It should outline all graphic design requests that the department has received and designs that were provided by this office.

NOTE: Submitting a request does not mean that you will be getting your request within the next few days, nor does it mean that the request was approved by the Graphics Director or a team member. This department has a large amount of responsibility to spread over a large area, but your request will be heard. Please allow time for any submissions to be read thoroughly and approved. Upon approval of any request, the commanding officer will contact you via email to inquire about your thoughts and details regarding to your request. We are attempting to serve the whole IFT, so please be patient.