Marine Commandant
Lt General Dennis Rayburn
[email protected]

This universe is an uncertain realm, filled with danger.  Honor undermined by the pursuit of power, freedom sacrificed when the weak are oppressed by the strong.  But there are those who oppose these powerful forces, who dedicate their live to truth, honor, and freedom.
They are known as Federation Marines.
The roots of the Federation Marines goes back to the movie, Star Trek VI when the character of Colonel West appeared with no indication of the service in which he served, but still with a land forces rank.  Later, in the TV series, “Star Trek: Enterprise”, land forces made their first appearance in the Trek universe in force as Military Assault Command Operations (MACO).
The debate still rages about the need for, or the existence of land based forces in the Starfleet.  However, even in that future century, there will be needs for forces to remain on planets to aid in keeping the peace, to deal with aggression against the Federation, and to be a rapid deployment force in times of great trouble or need.
It is to this purpose that the Federation Marine Corps has come into being.  It is the goal of FMC to be the first to respond to situations requiring aid, first to the defense of the Federation, and most importantly, the first to offer a hand when one is required.
This group will never allow itself to become embroiled in the sea of fandom politics.  That is not the purpose of the FMC.  FMC will never become a puppet, used as a carrot to get decisions that some leader might want, or to get political gain.  That is not the way IFT works, nor the Federation, and nor will this Corps.  FMC members will not display elitist attitudes, nor be a “good old boys” part of the Federation.   We will not be perfect, but when issues arise that require attention, they will be attended to fairly and justly.
How does the Federation Marine Corps function and operate?  Unlike some organizations which operate from the top down, the main direction of the FMC will be to build from the bottom up.  The members of the Corps are the most important part of this division of The Federation, not the Corps leaders.
Members of The Federation will have the chance to join FMC either when they join the main organization, or at anytime during their membership.  To be a member of the FMC, a person must be a member of the Federation.  To be a leader in the FMC, an individual must be a paid member of the Federation at the level required to be an officer.


The leader of the Corps is the Commandant.  The Commandant answers solely to the Federation President and the Chief of Staff.  The Corps will be a department directly under the Commandant’s command and answerable to no one else.
The number two person is the Assistant Commandant.  His or her responsibility is to assist the Commandant in the performances of his duties, to oversee departments that are assigned to his or her supervision, and to fill in for the Commandant when he or she is not available.
Under these two individuals, we will have four commands:
Forces Command:  This commander is responsible for keeping the membership roster of the Corps.  He or she approves all unit names, nicknames, and slogans.  Along with Heraldry duties, he or she is the appointing officer for all Brigade Commanders, who will answer and report to this command on a bimonthly basis.

Logistics Command:  This commander is the head of our communications.  He or she oversees all hardcopy and electronic publications and also any and all social networking accounts that the Corps may establish to make itself more visible to Star Trek fandom.  All manuals are overseen by this command.

Academic Command:  This commander is the head of the Federation Marine Corps training.  He or she is appointed by the Commandant in consultation with both the Assistant Commandant and the Commandant of the Federation Academy.  This command will oversee all courses in the Federation Academy that are specifically designed for FMC members.
Sergeant Major of the Corps:  This individual is the head and advocate for the non commissioned officers of FMC.  He will be the chief of enlisted recruiting, and will work to establish the NCO part
of the Corps.
The above six individuals comprise the FMC General Staff.  Being one of these six individuals does not make them any better than any other Corps member.  It means you get all the headaches and work for the membership.


Any member of the Federation is eligible to be a member of the FMC.  There will be two types of members of the Corps:
Active:  These members will use a FMC rank instead of their naval one.
Reserve:  These members use their naval rank, but are part of the Corps.
In any organization or division of one, there comes those sad times when a member must answer for his or her actions.  Any member of the FMC who commits offenses that merit disciplinary action will heard by the General Staff, with a majority vote required for most disciplinary action with the exception of expulsion from the Corps, which will require a two thirds vote of the GS.  The Fleet Admiral must approve all disciplinary actions.


Each chapter in IFT that wishes can have a unit on their chapter.  These units are called Companies.  The Companies will be assigned numbers, with the first digit or digits always being the number of the GEO the Company is located in.
The Companies are grouped by states (or whatever system is needed in a GEO) and called Regiments.  These are numbered in the order that the states are listed alphabetically.
The collective Regiments in a GEO are called Brigades.  Brigades will be numbered by the number of their GEO.  GEO 1 would have 1st Brigade, GEO 2 would have 2nd Brigade, and so forth up to GEO 99 which will have the 99th Brigade.
If there are those who wish to be members of FMC, but either their chapter does not wish to have a Marine unit, or they are not part of a chapter, these members may form a unit which are called Expeditionary Forces.
The commanding authority for Companies, Regiments, and Brigades will be the Commander Officer or CO.  This will be the leader of those units and will report to their superior on a monthly basis on the status of their unit.


Uniforms for members of the FMC are being discussed by the General Staff.  We will release more on this in the near future.


The General Staff is working on the establishment of the different branches of the Corps.  So far, one branch has been established, the Marine Security Forces (formerly known as Federation Security).  Others will be announced in the coming days.
Keep checking back for more announcements during this, the birth of the Federation Marine Corps!