Official Federation Stardate:

Bring Your ‘Ship’ Into The Federation

We are very honored that you have chosen to look into The Federation as your choice for a “fleet” for your ship.  We feel that IFT is your best choice for a number of reasons.  We will cover some of them briefly here.

First, The Federation has a very proud history.  The Federation has forged new trails in fandom, going where no fan organization has gone before.  The Federation has accomplished so much and has blazed such new ground that Paramount officials told us in 1990 that IFT has formed its own niche in the STAR TREK Universe. The Federation has accomplished this history?making feat by caring, by being involved, and by being professionals.

The Federation offers its ships (chapters) more fleet and ships services than any other organization. The Federation leads the way in the interactive fleet philosophy, where all of our ships pull together to help one another.  The Federation’s Ship Services Department (a subsidiary of Ops) can provide your ship with whatever it may need to become the very best ship in The Federation, and in the STAR TREK Universe. From typesetting and layout to public relations and advertising, we can provide your chapter with everything it and its crew will need.

The Federation’s Operations Department is always open to you. Our “open door policy” insures that you will always have an open channel to your GEO Commander and to the senior officials at the Operations Department at Federation World Headquarters. Whether you have questions, suggestions, or comments, we want to hear from you. You can contact Federation Operations via the form below. We are here to serve you; to make your career with The Federation the very best it can be.

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