Rob Simone, Director of Federation Communications

A Plan for SETI

A Plan for SETI Article by Earthman The concept of planetary arrays, the artificial packing of orbits with multiple large bodies within the habitable zone of a single star to maximize the available living space of a star system, first emerged in my thoughts while I...

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Federation HAM Radio Network

Fleet Admiral Russ Haslage is looking for someone in the Fleet who might want to head up the Federation HAM Radio Network.  Russ will be studying for his license to be the Northern Ohio station for the network.  If interested in the Federation HAM Radio Network, email...

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New Image of Saturn’s Moon Tethys (Death Star?)

This week, NASA released a new photo of Saturn’s moon, Tethys.  The biggest reaction from people is how strangely similar it looks to the Death Star as seen in Star Wars.  Saturn has at least 62 moons in its orbit with Tethys only being one of them. Tethys is dwarfed...

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The first episode of Star Trek premiered 50 years ago, and the beloved sci-fi franchise is now scheduled to return to television in 2017 with a new series on Netflix and CBS, specifically, on CBS All Access, the network’s new stand-alone streaming service. CBS...

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Were you aware of Star Trek’s special tie to Cleveland and the Cleveland Police Department? Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry, a decorated WWII bomber pilot and former Los Angeles, California, police motorcycle unit officer. Gene’s wife, actress Majel Barrett,...

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