Make A Difference

‘Star Trek’ is a story of hope.  Hope for a brighter future.  A future without hunger, hatred and poverty.  A future where differences are known as gifts.  A future of IDIC: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

Today’s world is a complex one full of extremes.  In one of those extremes is need.  There are those in need around the world who go to bed hungry, homeless and in need.  Our job is to help those people, for together with our combined talents, interests and experience, we can conquer any problem.

Join us.  Support our mission.

Federation History

Started with the help of Gene Roddenberry, our history runs deep.

Humanitarian Missions

Our mission:  Do what the crew of the Enterprise do in every episode: Go places and help people.


Federation chapters are stationed around the world.

Uncover the Whole Story

Want to know more about The Federation?  With 40 years of service, The Federation has a bold and honored history. 

Be a part of our future by being a sponsor of our new headquarters facility.  See the design images to the right!  Click to download the packet.

The Nichelle Nichols Foundation is Launched

Los Angeles, CA., Dec. 28, 2022/ The family, and friends of Nichelle Nichols have announced the launch of a foundation in her name to inspire the next generation. On what would have been her 90th birthday, the foundation will continue to carry out the dream she had...

New Website Launched!

A new, streamlined Federation website launched this week. The new look will get noticed. The enhanced functionality will offer more automation and features for Federation. The enhanced features and automation are still being developed and each will be announced when...

Coming soon!

The Federation is 100% comprised of volunteers, so there is no pay involved. What we offer is a rewarding experience in being part of a worldwide team devoted to helping others.

Nichelle Nichols: Her Spirit Will Always Be With Us

The world learned of the devastating loss of Nichelle Nichols on July 31, 2022.  Her legacy as a groundbreaking performer is well-known.  Nichelle helped bring about a change in Hollywood in regard to female and especially African American actors.  A fan favorite, she...

Introducing 2022’s Galileo

The new 21st century Galileo has been delivered to Federation Headquarters.  She stands by for her final prep with official markings.  Those markings don't come free, so we are asking for your help to get those markings financed. In exchange for your help, you can...

Buy now. Pay later with Afterpay

Cyrano Jones, Proprietor of The Federation Promenade, is proud to announce that you can now buy even more in our shops thanks to Afterpay...in person or online!nnWhat do you need to to do avail yourself of this great feature?  Well, it's easy!  Just download the...