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Support Our Humanitarian Missions

The members and chapters of The Federation around the world focus on the needs of those in their local areas.  At times of major disaster, our headquarters offices coordinate those efforts to dispatch aid, funds and volunteers to the victims.

Among our arsenal of tools to dispatch help is the Galileo, our first Disaster Relief vehicle.  Galileo and her trailer, Pod 1, serve the Midwest US, transporting aid, assistance and volunteers to those in need.  It is our plan to establish such vans in all parts of the world.

Donations to The Federation Humanitarian Fund are tax-deductible and 100% goes to help those in need.  We never deduct a percentage for operating or administrative costs like most other charities.

Meet Ann Marie – Federation Ambassador

In 2010, The Federation introduced the first 'Face of The Federation,' Chase Masterson.  Chase blazed the way, setting the bar high as she traveled and promoted what we do here at The Federation.  Making quite the splash as the organization's first official face, she...

The Federation Opens Staging Area

Continuing their mission and further cementing a corporate presence in Huron, Ohio, The Federation has established its first Humanitarian Relief Staging Area.  The new space is so large that is also is the home of the merchandise warehouse for The Federation...

Federation Website Refit

An exciting, visually stimulating and easier-to-navigate website is on its way.  Although the new user interface may look like a flash mob on Ten Forward, all site functions are fully operational. Please watch with us as we build the new look.


  The Federation is happy to report with the assistance of Cajun Navy Supply and Mercury One that we were able to get a total of 400 lbs of supplies to the victims of Hurricanes Florence and Michael. And now we are getting ready to deal with those fires in California...


The FEDERATION is not just another Star Trek ™ fan club.  In September of 2018 Chapters of the FEDERATION helped collect donations and supplies from their local communities for Hurricane Florence in North and South Carolina.  And then turned around and did the...

Galileo Stands By

Since Gene Roddenberry ordered The Federation to “go places and help people,” Federation chapters around the world have done just that, focusing on the needs of those in each community.  At times of disaster, the efforts of all of our chapters around the world are...

Features of The Federation

Creation Date

June 1, 1984

Created by

Gene Roddenberry, Russ Haslage

Our History

The Federation has a long and proud history.  Click here for a brief overview.


From ‘VOYAGES’ to social media to our own Intranet, The Federation keeps communications flowing.


Our chapters around the world look forward to welcoming you.

Federation Cadets

To teach and to lead.  Our Federation Cadets are encouraged to learn and grow and be a part of the adventure.

Humanitarian Missions

“Go places and help people.”  Our prime directive has always been our central focus.

Health & Fitness

From blood drives to sponsoring clinics to physicial fitness and wellness campaigns, The Federation is here to help bring about a brighter future.

Federation Academy

Learn.  Grow.  Progress.

The Federation Promenade

– Cyrano Jones, Proprietor

Headquarters Cam

Have a look at the bridge at Federation World Headquarters.

Subspace Endorsements

Susan Sackett

Executive Assistant to the late Gene Roddenberry
Author, “Inside Trek”

“Much applause to the IFT and its members for keeping alive the spirit of “Star Trek” and holding to the ideas and ideals of its creator, Gene Roddenberry. May they continue to “boldly go” into a long and prosperous future!”


Bjo Trimble

Super ‘Star Trek’ Fan; Creator of the “Save Star Trek Campaign” in 1967

“This group’s intense but friendly dedication to Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek ideals is awesome; they are a bright facet in the meaning of IDIC!”


Andrew Probert

Graphic Designer, “Star Trek”

“Back in the early sixties, Gene Roddenberry produced a piece of television entertainment that was more than just another show. It was a blueprint for an optimistic future that we can all have, given the ideals of that show:  ‘STAR TREK.’

IFT is working to foster those ideals toward the positive lifestyle that Gene envisioned and I salute them for their efforts and dedication.”


George Takei

Captain Hikaru Sulu, USS EXCELSIOR NCC-2001

“The core values of Star Trek and the driving vision of Gene Roddenberry are to build a healthy, creative and tolerant society with each individual taking active responsibility. This I have seen vibrantly alive in the work of IFT. Their many activities in support of charities, community and social services are exemplars of this ideals. Their vast global network of ships and alliances are living demonstrations of the ideal of ‘infinite diversity in infinite combinations.’ Their spirit of adventure combined with camaraderie reflects the same qualities Gene infused into Starfleet. The Roddenberry ideals continue to trek on with the IFT.”


Eugene ‘Rod’ Roddenberry, Jr.

Owner, Roddenberry Productions

“Roddenberry Productions and the Roddenberry Family are strong supporters of the “International Federation of Trekkers”. My father before me was a friend to Russ Haslage and IFT’s membership.

I personally feel that “International Federation of Trekkers” represents and upholds the philosophies that are found in the core of Star Trek’s stories. As a result, I consider them to be ambassadors to the Roddenberry name and my father’s vision of a greater future for all life on earth.”


Gary Berman & Adam Malin

Owners, Creation Entertainment

“Creation Entertainment extends a sincere and hearty congratulations on your 25 years as a proud Star Trek fan organization. Over the years we’ve worked with and gotten to know many of you, and it has been both an honor and great fun sharing our love of Star Trek. Now with the new film and a whole new generation of fans discovering how great Trek is, we can look back in pride and say, it’s been a great ride. Our congratulations, once again, on your wonderful achievement.”


Sky Conway

Producer, ‘Roddenberry on Patrol’ & ‘Star Trek: Of Gods and Men’

“Gene Roddenberry would be so proud of IFT’s continuing mission of carrying on his dream and legacy. Twenty-Five years of bolding going where no Star Trek Organization has gone before is quite an accomplishment. Kudos to Russ and all of the members of IFT who have kept the dream alive.”


The Latest News From Around The Federation

A Plan for SETI

A Plan for SETI Article by Earthman The concept of planetary arrays, the artificial packing of orbits with multiple large bodies within the habitable zone of a single star to maximize the available living space of a star system, first emerged in my thoughts while I...

Federation HAM Radio Network

Fleet Admiral Russ Haslage is looking for someone in the Fleet who might want to head up the Federation HAM Radio Network.  Russ will be studying for his license to be the Northern Ohio station for the network.  If interested in the Federation HAM Radio Network, email...

Private Space Station Coming Soon? (Scientific American)

Company Aiming for 2020 Launch Work is underway to establish the world's first private, international commercial space station

New Image of Saturn’s Moon Tethys (Death Star?)

This week, NASA released a new photo of Saturn’s moon, Tethys.  The biggest reaction from people is how strangely similar it looks to the Death Star as seen in Star Wars.  Saturn has at least 62 moons in its orbit with Tethys only being one of them. Tethys is dwarfed...