Press Releases

Rod Roddenberry Boosts The Federation

"Rod" Roddenberry discusses his and his father's history and future with The Federation. https://youtu.be/wFOweawHOzg

Federation Welcomes Trekkers Against Bullying!

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations is a belief at the heart of what we do at The Federation. To truly progress as a species, we must learn to embrace the differences in others. We believe it is in those differences in culture, talents and interests that...

The Nichelle Nichols Foundation is Launched

Los Angeles, CA., Dec. 28, 2022/ The family, and friends of Nichelle Nichols have announced the launch of a foundation in her name to inspire the next generation. On what would have been her 90th birthday, the foundation will continue to carry out the dream she had...

All Federation Forms to be HIPAA Compliant

Federation HQ has made moves to replace all current online forms with new HIPAA Compliant forms.nn"In an electronic age, we need to protect everyone's information.  Just having a secure server isn't enough," states Federation President Russ Haslage.  "We are taking...

Federation HQ Featured in Ohio Magazine

Just a few months after opening our new facility, Ohio Magazine reached out to do a feature article on our new home.nHere's an excerpt.nnHave a look at the full article at Ohio Magazine: Life on a Mission.

The Federation Acquires TrekUnited

On their 33rd Anniversary, The Federation is proud to announce that they have acquired the rights to the name TrekUnited and its website TrekUnited.com.  TrekUnited is an online forum for all fans and will be expanded to cater to Federation members, chapters and...