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Eaglemoss Star Trek The Official Starships Collection: Klingon Bird of Prey Special Issue Ship Replica

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Weight 1.49 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in


Spreading its deadly wings for this special issue of the Star Trek: the official starships collections is a large size version of the Klingon bird-of-prey. This highly maneuverable vessel was equipped with a cloaking device to conceal it from its enemies. It was used for a wide variety of missions from the late 23Rd century, continuing to see service into the 24th century. This popular ship was first seen in the 1984 movie star Trek III: the search for Spock and made numerous appearances in subsequent Star Trek films, as well as episodes of Star Trek: the next generation, and Star Trek: deep Space nine.

  • A large size version of the Klingon bird of prey
  • First seen in the 1984 movie star Trek III the search for Spock
  • Wingspan measures 9″ Wide

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