Federation Traditional Square Stone Ring


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You don’t have to choose your birthstone if you wish a different color. Just pick the month’s stone that you like.

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We’ve seen official rings on screen since the reboot.? The Federation first introduced rings over 20 years ago.? Now its time to bring them back!

This ring style is a traditional mid-size square stone style ring.? With your choice of stone and personalization, this ring can be part you and all Federation.? Boldly showing Federation logos on both shanks and proudly saying TREK FEDERATION around the stone, this ring will surely make a statement.? Design your official Federation ring to be uniquely yours!

Each ring is custom made to your specifications and guaranteed to be shipped within 2 weeks!

Career (Lifetime) Members get a $20 rebate!

(Image will not update with each selection.? Just imagine how beautiful it will be when it arrives to your specifications.)

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Weight 1 lbs