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Hero Collector | Star Trek The Official Starships Collection | Eaglemoss Danube-Class Runabout

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  • The Danube-class Starfleet Runabouts were a workhorse for the crew aboard Deep Space 9 and were ideal for a variety of different mission types, ranging from simple personnel or cargo transport to scientific exploration and military reconnaissance operations.
  • The ships in this class were named after famous rivers on Earth, including the Rio Grande, the Yangtzee, and the U.S.S. Orinoco. The runabout, however, was a little larger than a typical Starfleet ship-support shuttlecraft and was designed for more extended missions and had a modular midsection and a small habitat section aft.
  • The ship’s innovative and compact warp core was positioned horizontally and ran along the top of the craft, giving the runabout a respectable top speed of Warp 5.
  • Defensive capabilities consisted of a duranium-composite hull with full shielding, six phaser strips, and a micro-torpedo launcher under the nose, making this tough little ship more than a match for often much larger vessels.
  • This model is die-cast, hand-painted.
  • Magazine not included

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