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Large Desert Tribble


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The varied geology of the TRIBBLE homeworld has vast areas with very little water. Nevertheless, TRIBBLES have evolved to make the most of this ecological opportunity. DESERT TRIBBLES are sand-colored for camouflage. Because food and water are scarce in these barren landscapes, DESERT TRIBBLES can often go for days or weeks without eating or drinking, even going dormant for periods as long as three years. During the rainy season, the deserts bloom for a brief period of time. This is when the DESERT TRIBBLES revive and feast. Because of their sudden rapid reproduction, a carpet of DESERT TRIBBLES will eat a meadow bare in three days. Migratory Glommers will follow the weather patterns. After much patience and training, and many long hours, some of our TRIBBLES now respond with a soft, warm cooing sound. But be careful! If you continue to pet them, they’ll emit their traditional annoyed chirp. Large TRIBBLES are sound- and touch-activated.

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Large Desert Tribble $24.95

In stock