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Star Wars Loopin’ Chewie Game

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Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 3 in


  • Loopin’ Chewie game is Stormtrooper-chasing fun
  • Crazy Loopin’ Chewie character flies in his Millennium Falcon vehicle
  • Paddles flip him away from your Stormtrooper
  • The player with the last Stormtrooper standing wins
  • Includes Millennium Falcon, base unit, 3 paddle arms, 3 paddle units, 1 flight arm on center cone, 9 tokens, label sheet and instructions
Star Wars Loopin’ Chewie Game

This Star Wars Loopin’ Chewie game can be lots of out-of-this-world fun! Chewbacca is flying in the Millennium Falcon and is on a mission to take all of the Stormtroopers down. Players try to save their Stormtroopers from his reach by flipping him out of the way and trying to get him to take down their opponents’ Stormtroopers.

  • Chewbacca Flies About in the Millennium Falcon.
  • Flip Lever to Keep Chewbacca Flying.
  • Protect Stormtroopers From Falling Down.
  • The Player With the Last Stormtrooper Standing Wins.

Protect the Stormtroopers

In this Loopin’ Chewie game players try to protect their Stormtroopers from Chewbacca as he rides in the Millennium Falcon. Players watch him flying around in circles, flipping, and diving, while trying to make the Stormtroopers fall. When the Millennium Falcon comes near a player’s Stormtrooper tokens, that player uses their paddle to make a quick flip to get Chewbacca out of the way. In a game of 2 to 3 players, the last player to have any Stormtrooper tokens left wins the game.

Star Wars products are produced by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm Ltd.

Hasbro Gaming is a trademark of Hasbro.

Keep Loopin’ Chewie Out of the Way

In this fast-moving game, kids try to be the last player with a Stormtrooper still standing. As Chewbacca flies around and around in the Millennium Falcon, players hit their paddle to send him away from their Stormtrooper tokens and towards their opponent’s tokens. A player who has lost all their Stormtroopers can’t win — but they can still play by pressing the paddle to get their opponents’ Stormtroopers to fall down. Who will be the last player to have any Stormtroopers left? This edge-of-your-seat gameplay is loads of fun.

Fun and Challenging Game

Kids can enjoy the suspense and strategy of this Loopin’ Chewie game. Each player gets the same number of Stormtrooper tokens and places them in their racks. When the game starts, they’ll frantically hit the paddle, trying to keep Chewbacca from flying into their own Stormtroopers. All his swooping and looping makes the game fun. The last player with Stormtrooper tokens still remaining wins the game!


Includes Millennium Falcon, base unit, 3 paddle arms, 3 paddle units, 1 flight arm on center cone, 9 tokens, label sheet, and instructions.

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