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Large Tribbles

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    The CAVE TRIBBLE is relatively rare. It has evolved a dark fur, either black or dark brown. While it is called a ?CAVE TRIBBLE? it thrives anywhere there is darkness, such as hollow logs. It is primarily nocturnal and comes out to feed only after sunset. It is found mostly at higher elevations, although it can survive almost anywhere it finds a suitable niche.

    The varied geology of the TRIBBLE home world has vast areas with very little water. Nevertheless, TRIBBLES have evolved to make the most of this ecological opportunity. DESERT TRIBBLES are sand-colored for camouflage. Because food and water are scarce in these barren landscapes, DESERT TRIBBLES can often go for days or weeks without eating or drinking, even going dormant for periods as long as three years. During the rainy season, the deserts bloom for a brief period of time. This is when the DESERT TRIBBLES revive and feast. Because of their sudden rapid reproduction, a carpet of DESERT TRIBBLES will eat a meadow bare in three days. Migratory Glommers will follow the weather patterns.

    The TRIBBLE home world has many large sprawling savannahs in its temperate zones. The savannahs are home to vast herds of beasts like buffalo and elk. These herds feed many different kinds of predators, including creatures that resemble cheetahs, wolves, hyenas, and jackals. Because of the great number of predators, MEADOW TRIBBLES rarely live long enough even to find a burrow, so they must breed as rapidly as possible to ensure the survival of their species. MEADOW TRIBBLES will eat grass, grain, leaves, flowers, and even the partly-digested grass found in the dung of the larger herbivores. They are the fastest breeding of all TRIBBLES. Because of the high number of predators, the lifespan of a MEADOW TRIBBLE is usually less than a week.

    Like the DESERT TRIBBLE, the TUNDRA TRIBBLE has evolved to make the most of an inhospitable landscape. The TUNDRA TRIBBLE is speckled gray to match its environment. Like the DESERT TRIBBLE, it can go dormant to survive long periods of hostile weather. During the spring thaws and the abundant summer, the local flowers and grasses grow rapidly and the TUNDRA TRIBBLE feasts and breeds. This is when cold-weather Glommers fatten up for their winter hibernation.

    After much patience and training, and many long hours, some of our TRIBBLES now respond with a soft, warm cooing sound. But be careful! If you continue to pet them, they?ll emit their traditional annoyed chirp.? These larger Tribbles are trained to respond to sound and to touch.

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    Additional information

    Weight 0.8 lbs
    Tribble Breed

    CAVE (dark brown), DESERT (brown), MEADOW (tan), TUNDRA (gray)

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