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  The Federation ™ is happy to report with the assistance of Cajun Navy Supply and Mercury One that we were able to get a total of 400 lbs of supplies to the victims of Hurricanes Florence and Michael.

And now we are getting ready to deal with those fires in California this year.

October 17, 2018


The FEDERATION is not just another Star Trek ™ fan club.  In September of 2018 Chapters of the FEDERATION helped collect donations and supplies from their local communities for Hurricane Florence in North and South Carolina.  And then turned around and did the same for victims of Hurricane Michael in October of the same year.  Supplies were then delivered to staging areas by our partners in Mercury One and Cajun Navy Supply making certain that they quickly got into the hands of those needing it the most. 


Photo Credit: Jessy Broughton, Cajun Navy Supply


It’s never too late to help out. Donations are the quickest and easiest way to help those on the ground and those in need.