BOYD-CyranoJones-smallWelcome friends!

Starbase Columbus has become Starbase One!  To broaden our product line and customer base, we’ve gone with a new completely online business model.  We’re the same great people you loved visiting at Starbase Columbus, but now we’re everywhere via cyberspace!

I am your humble host, Cyrano Jones, Proprietor of this cozy corner of the quadrant. I have worked hard to bring you the finest trinkets and most-loved commodities from every corner of the Milky Way. Please take your time. Look around, shop, buy and stop and buy me a drink at our fine and reputable nightclub.

We will always love the memory of our fantastic brick and mortar shop in Columbus, Ohio.  She was a magnificent place to beam or shuttle into.  People from all around would stop by to shop, chat and have fun.  We will always miss our little gathering place.  It’s still here…online.