New Worlds, New Civilizations (Star Trek) Book

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“…to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations…”
That is the mission statement of Starfleet, the declaration taken to heart by every starship captain, a mandate that has carried us across countless frontiers. It has uncovered our eyes, expanded our understanding, enlightened our lives. It has opened the door of discovery to all of the citizens of the Federation. And in turn we, ourselves, have been discovered.
Join us now as we set off on our own journey. Hear your footseps ring out on the decks of a Borg ship, stand beside Klingon warriors as they welcome home their hero and new chancellor, feel the heat of the deadly firestorms of Bersalis III. You can travel the walkways of Starbase 11, experience the “reality” of the Q Continuum, and breathe the desert air of Vulcan. In?New Worlds, New Civilizations,?you can be the one?to boldly go.

Slight cut in upper left corner of cover.

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