Continuing their mission and further cementing a corporate presence in Huron, Ohio, The Federation has established its first Humanitarian Relief Staging Area.  The new space is so large that is also is the home of the merchandise warehouse for The Federation Promenade.  In addition, Galileo, The Federation’s first disaster relief vehicle and Pod 1, the trailer that can be hooked to Galileo to double the cargo capacity, are also housed inside the facility.

“This is just the first of many regional humanitarian staging areas to be based around the world,” stated Federation President Russ Haslage, “furthering our primary mission to help those in need continues everyday.  By establishing these staging areas, we are able to provide assistance quickly when needed.”

This first Federation Staging Area is also large enough to hold some of the headquarters offices.  A proposed loft will add another 330 square feet to the space, allowing for more offices and services.

A live webcam offers a view of the facility 24/7.    LIVE CAM

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