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The Federation Partners with The Rosa Foundation

Feb 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

As a part of our global outreach, The Federation has partnered with The Rosa Foundation in Zimbabwe, helping to care for at-risk children.

Rosa Foundation was set up by concerned individuals to support and strengthen existing or budding community initiatives which focus on caring for orphans and vulnerable children (adults), those with long term health conditions and Carers to live the life of their choice and to reach their full potential. Based on a sponsorship programme, Rosa Foundation’s goal is to give back a future to these vulnerable and affected children.

An association of persons was set up in May 2004 with the main objective “to provide basic means of survival – such as food and schooling, support for the People with disabilities, Orphans and Vulnerable Children”, and as a secondary objective “to engage with community-based organisations that will act as facilitators between Rosa Foundation and Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs)”.

Rosa Foundation was operating as a CBO with the Youth Council of Zimbabwe under the Ministry of Youth, Gender and Women Empowerment. It was officially registered as a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Zimbabwe as a local Charitable Trust as per notaries’ deed of donation and trust (MA 000856/17)) with the Master of the High Court Harare, Zimbabwe on the 14 June 2017.

A pilot-project was started in September 2004 in the rural community of Chikomba District in Mashonaland East Province. Ten children were sponsored with school fees and materials at Mangoro Primary School by an individual Zimbabwean by the name Forbes Chikobvu, the former student of Mangoro Primary School joined up hands with others forming the Association. The first six months of the pilot project proved very successful with all children going back to school and being fed and cared for on a regular basis.

The ROSA Foundation journey of Hope began 15 years ago in the lost community of Chikomba East. We hope to slowly expand and embrace all wards in the Mashonaland East Province. Building sustainable relationships with NGO’s, businesses, and individuals with the goal of releasing our (PWDs) and children from spiritual, economic and social poverty to become fulfilled, responsible and productive adults formulates our guiding principle.

Rosa Foundation’s core strength is its excellent understanding of the community it serves and its practical approach of finding solutions to problems within the community. This strength is derived from the fact that many of its staff members themselves come from the same vulnerable groups that ROSA targets.

In April 2005, after careful analysis of the pilot-project, the Rosa Foundation started its expansion.

For more information, please see their Facebook site HERE.

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