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by | Feb 4, 2017 | NewsFeed

The IFT opened a new Chapter in Central Europe recently: USS Intrepid (NFC-1631). It will operate primarily in Denmark* and Germany, including (hopefully) in and around the Kaiserslautern-footprint for the US Military Community in Germany.

Star Trek was first introduced, dubbed in German, in 1972 to German TV audiences on the ZDF-Channel. Only 39 of the then 79 available TOS-episodes were broadcasted, and to this day there are TOS-episodes which most Germans have never seen despite Star Trek’s solid popularity here. ZDF changed the title from Star Trek to ”Raumschiff Enterprise” [Starship Enterprise] before introducing it. TOS has run, more or less, continuously on German TV since 1972 under that title.

The Intrepid is led by Commander Adam B. Hutson, an American expat from Cincinnati, and 1st Officer – Lt. Larissa Wilson from Iowa. Commander Hutson grew up in the USAF Auxiliary, having received their Mitchell Award as a Cadet. He has been a lifelong Trekker, starting with TOS, and aerospace enthusiast.

The Intrepid is presently partnering with the Space Systems Department of the Technical University Dresden, Germany to tentatively offer a lecture there titled, ”Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek and Deep Space Exploration.” in the spring. Through hosting such events, our Chapter hopes to attract new members with backgrounds in the STEM fields, as we are self-proclaimed admirers of the Vulcans.

The IFT is relatively unknown in central Europe, but we hope that the Intrepid will develop into a solid anchor for Trekkers in the region – especially for our soldiers and airmen who might seek, through us, a piece of Americana while deployed in Germany. Wish the Intrepid luck!

CDR Adam B. Hutson, IFT
NFC-1631, Commanding

*A separate article will be published later on Denmark.

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