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Federation Humanitarian Warehouse Designs Released

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Humanitarian Missions, NewsFeed

FedWarehouseConceptIn 1983, ‘Star Trek’ creator Gene Roddenberry outlined his vision for the organization he helped design and build:  The Federation.  It was his wish that this organization grow to the humanitarian stature of The Peace Corps or The Salvation Army.

The organization took a giant leap toward that goal with the acquisition of a large a warehouse in its world headquarters city of Huron, Ohio.  Starting with 1000 square feet in size and fully customizable, the facility can house Galileo, our first disaster relief van, a large selection of disaster relief and humanitarian supplies and equipment, a staging area for loading and dispatching the van, its trailer and other vehicles as well as merchandise that will be sold on site and online.

In addition to being our humanitarian and disaster relief supplies and equipment, the site will also be open to volunteers, tourists and other visitors.  Those visiting the new location can sit for photos in the fully functional, exact replica of the ‘Star Trek’ original series captain’s chair, view the 3′ lighted original series USS Enterprise, interact with Cadet Temi, The Federation’s service robot and so much more.

The Federation currently rents the space, but will have the option to purchase it in 18 months.  Permission to develop the space has been granted to begin even before purchasing.  The organization hopes to start construction by its 36th anniversary on June 1.

Construction will include the addition of a 300 square foot loft that will host office space and a small radio studio for The Federation’s ODYSY Internet Radio Network.  The loft and other features have been designed in the style of the bridge of the original Enterprise.

If you’d like to join our volunteer staff, please contact Federation Headquarters at info@trekfederation.com.  If you’d like to donate toward the construction or toward our Humanitarian Fund, please do so in our shop HERE.  For more information, please contact Federation Headquarters at info@trekfederation.com or by calling 877-365-TREK.

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